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Why This Bootcamp






Tap into this fast-paced, immersive experience with a focus on your organization’s most pressing questions and challenges around customer journeys.

We offer both in-person and virtual formats for intimate team sessions. We also tailor our bootcamp for conferences and other large events.


1 & 2-Day Workshops

We’ll change the way your organization thinks and works. This workshop delivers:

  • The big picture of journey mapping: What it is, how it helps you overcome organizational silos, and how an integrated view of your customer experience drives business performance.
  • Guidance on how and when to use journey mapping — and when not to.
  • Advice on how to apply essential practices like creating personas, choosing journeys to map, and engaging stakeholders.
  • Plenty of training exercises based on your business challenges, with group discussion and feedback throughout.
  • Networking opportunities with other attendees to share ideas and best practices.

Topics We’ll Cover: How to create effective journey maps, how to drive organizational change through your journey mapping initiatives, and how to identify the behind-the-scenes factors that make or break your customer experience

Skills You’ll Practice: Mapping current (as-is) & ideal (to-be) experiences, mapping “backstage” activities, root cause analysis, and solution brainstorming


3-Hour Mini Workshops

Designed for a quick introduction to core practices, these mini workshops present the key components of successful journey maps and provide an opportunity to put these ideas into action.


Your Hypothesis Maps. You’ll leave with the journey maps that your team creates during the bootcamp based on your knowledge and assumptions of the customer journey.

Proposed Solutions to Your Customers’ Pain Points. You’ll brainstorm solutions to the challenges across your customer journey — and throughout your organization’s “backstage” activities.

Ready-to-Use Skills. You’ll practice techniques that will help you create effective journey maps — and solve pressing issues impacting both your customers and your business.

Bootcamp Materials. You’ll receive digital copies of our slides, a printed workbook with journey map examples and exercises to take back to your team, a recommended list of further reading, and additional resources to help you plan and execute your own journey mapping initiatives.

Follow-Up Support. Through follow-up coaching calls, we’ll support your ongoing efforts and help you put the insights from your bootcamp experience to work in your organization.


Make Real Headway. Your private bootcamp is 100% focused on you and your business. That means we’ll map the journeys that have the greatest potential to move the needle for your customers and your desired business outcomes. Your team will complete real work during the bootcamp that will move your towards your objectives.

Start Your Cultural Shift Now. Journey mapping (and the work that follows) is truly a cross-functional endeavor that will include and impact people far beyond the people on your task force. By including employees from across your organization, you’ll pave the way for your subsequent change efforts.


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