New Ideas Have the Power to Transform

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Why do organizations bring in outside experts to speak with their employees, partners, and customers? Because new perspectives can reshape how people define possibility.

Outside perspectives shake people out of old modes of thinking — and introduce new ones that will keep them moving forward and competitive in an ever-changing business landscape. Outside perspectives excite. They challenge. They advance organizations.

That’s the power of new ideas.

Kerry moves ideas and people forward
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Speaking Engagements

After more than 150 speaking engagements across 20 countries, Kerry knows that each event — and audience — is unique. She tailors her remarks and approach to connect with the issues your audience cares about so that your event is relevant, inspiring, and actionable.

Keynote Addresses

Whether you’re planning an industry-wide meeting of the minds or gathering a set of internal stakeholders ready to make change, Kerry engages your audience as she makes the case for customer experience.

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Prospect Webinars

Kerry’s webinars provide your prospects with a framework to understand where your organization’s products or services could fit within their own customer experience delivery, creating a pipeline of white-hot leads.

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Executive Dinners

Executive dinners offer you and your sales team the chance to deepen your relationships with high-value clients and sales leads over an evening of good food, networking, and guided conversation.

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“I hired Kerry to present on the main stage and at smaller, private speaking events — each of which has resulted in great audience feedback and results.”

Keith Pearce


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