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Author and customer experience pioneer Kerry Bodine founded Bodine & Co. in 2014. Since then, we’ve been busy.

60,000 sticky notes to map 100+ journeys

400+ attendees of open enrollment workshops

150+ keynotes
in 20+ countries
on 5 continents

We love what we do. Really.

When we get up in the morning, we’re supercharged knowing that we get to make a difference for people all around the world: Saving your customers time, reducing their stress, creating more enjoyable experiences, and making life’s everyday tasks easier.

In short:
We help you make your customers love you.

But our work isn’t just about making your customers happy. We’re also here to make you money. We call this intersection of customer needs and business outcomes The Customer Experience Sweet Spot — and it’s a major focus of everything we do. 

Our products and services create growth opportunities, drive revenue, and decrease your cost to serve. At the end of the day if we have’t done that, we haven’t done our job.


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Make Happy Customers. Transform Businesses.

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