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Journey Management Consulting

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Why Work With Us

You’ve invested a large amount of both time and money to create journey maps — and you have beautiful artifacts hanging on your office walls. What now? If your employees don’t have the knowledge or skills to adopt those maps and customer insights into their day-to-day work, your investment will have been for naught.

Learn How To Use Your Maps

Our research-based insights help employees across every discipline learn how to use your existing maps to make more customer-centric decisions every day.

Drive Process Excellence

We equip you with the tools and playbooks you need to successfully integrate journey management into your existing organizational structures and processes.

Measure Your Results

We help you develop a framework to quantify the benefits of your customer experience improvements — and the value of your journey management efforts.

Our Areas of Expertise

Journey-Based Marketing

Journey Analytics

Journey Managers

Journey-Based Marketing

How much more effective would your annual marketing plans be if they centered around a deep understanding of what your customers need and expect along each step of their journey to find and evaluate your offerings?

We’ll help your marketing teams leverage a repeatable journey-based framework for getting the most out of your marketing spend.

Journey Analytics

Journey analytics is an approach to insights and measurement that examines customers’ behavior not just at individual touchpoints, but along the paths they take as they attempt to accomplish their goals and tasks.

But to implement journey analytics effectively, you’ll need a tech platform to aggregate data across multiple channels. We’ll help you determine an approach and platform that’s right for your organization.

Journey Managers

The journey manager — a nascent role similar to the ubiquitous product manager — has the potential to reinvent organizations and unite disparate silos to ensure that customers have a smooth experience across their end-to-end journey.

But many organizations are still unfamiliar with the responsibilities of journey managers — and how to integrate this role into their existing organizational structures. We’ll help you determine if  journey managers are right for your organization — and, if so, define the core responsibilities and ideal candidates. 

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How We Work With You

We deliver the practical advice and support you need — whenever and wherever you need it.


Want us to review your journey map or journey manager job description? Want to get advice on a specific challenge you’re facing with leveraging your maps to make important business decisions? Sign up for a one-hour call — or a series of calls — and we’ll tackle your most pressing questions.

Working Sessions

We facilitate full-day on-site meetings and workshops that dig deep into your business objectives, organizational structure, and processes. We’ll also address the questions and challenges that have arisen as you’ve introduced new journey management capabilities. Our time together will result in a clear path towards successful journey management integration.

Monthly Retainers

Looking for a trusted sounding board for some of the challenges you face on a day-to-day basis — or need more hands-on help getting journey management to take hold? Our monthly retainers ensure you get the dedicated and ongoing support you need to integrate journey management into your organization.

“Having Kerry at your side is like having a CX sparring partner. She’ll meet you at your level (wherever that is!), go back and forth with you, and help you hone your ideas from theories into workable solutions.”

Carol Pudnos


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