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Why Work With Us

Journey managers have the potential to reinvent their organizations and unite disparate silos to ensure that customers have a smooth experience across their end-to-end journey. But many organizations are still unfamiliar with the responsibilities of journey managers — and how to integrate this role into their existing organizational structures.

We have the inside track to successful journey management.

Hire Right
For The Role
Our research-based insights help you define the core responsibilities for your new journey managers — and craft job descriptions to help you land your ideal candidates.
We equip you with the tools to successfully integrate journey management into your existing organizational structures and processes.
We help you address the questions and challenges that arise as you develop your organization’s journey management capabilities.

Our Research Reports

The State of Journey Managers, 2018

The State of Journey Managers, 2018

Based on our analysis of 400+ journey manager professional profiles, this report is the industry’s first comprehensive research into this emerging role. You’ll find out which countries lead the adoption of journey managers — the US actually lags its European counterparts — and what to look for when hiring your own journey managers.

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What You’ll Get

The practical advice you need — when you need it.


Want us to review your journey manager job description? Want to get advice on a specific challenge you’re facing with introducing this role to your organization? Sign up for a one-hour call (or a series of calls), and we’ll tackle your most pressing questions.

Advisory Days

Have more to discuss than a phone call will allow? A full-day onsite meeting will give us time to dig deep into your current organizational structure and strategize with you about your path towards successful implementation of the journey manager role.


Looking for a trusted sounding board for some of the challenges you face on a day-to-day basis? Sign up for our quarterly coaching to get ongoing guidance, support, and targeted troubleshooting as you bring journey management to your organization.

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