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Change Strategy

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Why Co-Create Change?

Innovative, customer-centric cultures comes to life through every executive, manager, and employee. We know how to empower people at every level of an organization to define and foster a culture that truly connects with customers.

Map Out
The skills your employees have today may not be the skills they need to be successful in your organization’s next phase. We help you identify those gaps and make plans to ensure your people are equipped to deliver great experiences.
Creative Ideas
Setting a bold future for your organization requires nimble minds. We invite employees from across your organization to participate in work sessions designed to uncover unique ideas and inspire new ways of thinking and working.
Empower Your People
Culture is all about people, and people support what they help to build. We engage your workforce in defining a culture that they’re passionate about growing.

How It Works

Workshop 1

Workshop 2

Workshop 3

Workshop 1

Create a Shared Vision

In today’s work environment, you can’t dictate what your team’s outputs and working environment should be and then expect everyone to fall in line. Instead, engage your employees to create a shared vision for your best possible work.

We’ll help you answer these questions together:

  • What does innovative and customer-centric work in our field look like today — across our industry and further afield? What are the defining characteristics of that work? What should we aim to create for our customers tomorrow?
  • What’s our organization’s purpose? And what values support the work we want to create?
Workshop 2

Define New Ways of Working

Once your employees have defined the type of work they want to create, empower them to define how they want to work together to create it.

We’ll explore with your team:

  • How is your current culture supporting — or thwarting — your ability to innovate and to become more customer-centric?
  • How can you establish an environment in which innovation and customer-centricity will flourish? How do you need to work differently to achieve your shared vision? How do you want to build connections and celebrate desired behaviors?
Workshop 3

Get Ready for What’s Next

Too often, organizations take on a bold new direction and assume employees will just come along for the ride. But even employees who have every intention of adapting aren’t always equipped for new roles, expectation, and demands. 

As a team, we’ll discuss:

  • What skills does your organization need in order to support your vision of what you want to create?
  • Where are each individual’s strengths and skill gaps? What new skills does each team member need to develop?
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What You’ll Get

Our cultural change strategy program will give you the foundational concepts and skills to begin moving your organization toward a customer-centric and innovation-focused culture.

Workshop Materials
You’ll receive the slides from each of the three workshops, along with physical and digital copies of all our co-created workshop outputs.
Workshop Reports
We’ll provide a comprehensive readout that captures key insights and next steps from each workshop.
Interim Strategy Sessions
After each workshop, we’ll assess the group’s progress against the backdrop of your organization’s objectives and steer any required changes for the remaining workshops.
Action Plan
Our action plan will provide a framework to guide your team through the process of implementing, testing, and improving your co-created cultural change strategy.
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