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Exceptional customer experiences are the only sustainable platform for competitive differentiation.

But you can’t outsource exceptional customer experiences — they must be built from within. And that requires new ways of working and thinking. So think of us as your CX coaches: We provide a starting point for the adoption of repeatable methodologies and help you disseminate these strategies and tactics throughout your organization, building a customer-centric mindset as we go.

Wherever you are in your journey to deliver great experiences,
we can help.

“This needs to be part of our marketing DNA.”
“Smashed webinar registration records... almost 1,000 signups!”
“No team does this better.”

Inspire Your Audience

Master The Journey

Design The Experience

Transform Your Culture

Inspire Your Audience

Keynotes & Webinars

Energize your customers, prospects, and employees with an understanding of how engaging customer experiences can transform businesses.

We connect with audiences on the issues they care about, inspiring them to envision a bold future and put essential customer experience skills into practice.

Master The Journey

Journey Mapping

Customer journeys lay the groundwork for transformation.

They provide a holistic understanding of customers’ needs and expectations — an understanding that’s essential for delivering experiences that serve both customer and organizational objectives.

Our consulting, training, and coaching services provide you with options to start or deepen your customer journey practice.

Design The Experience

Design & Innovation

Exceptional customer experiences don’t happen by accident.

They must be intentionally defined and delivered.

Through audits, accelerators, and bootcamps, we help you understand where your current experiences are falling flat — and envision an innovative future that will pack a financial punch.

Transform Your Culture

Change Strategy

The long-term success of organizations is driven by one thing: culture.

It’s not just a matter of what products or services you provide — but how your employees think, work, and celebrate each other.

Our collaborative change strategy workshops help you co-create a innovative, customer-centered environment that will drive business success.

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Kerry's Book - Outside In
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Why Kerry Bodine & Co.

Kerry Bodine’s belief that exceptional customer experiences can’t be outsourced inspired our comprehensive suite of consulting, training, coaching, and resources. We’ve crafted our offerings to invigorate, educate, and co-create with your organization — no matter where you are in understanding and engaging with your customers.

Kerry wrote the book on customer experience. Literally. Hailed by top business leaders as a must-have resource for companies looking to compete in today’s market, Outside In provides a critical look into the impact and future of customer experience.

“This eye-opener gives you a comprehensive, need-to-know look at how smart companies achieve sustainable success in dealing with customers.”

Steve Forbes

Chairman & Editor-In-Chief

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