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When your website, your apps, or your email campaigns are falling short of your performance goals, it’s time to take a step back.

We’ll inspire a conversation about the type of experience you can — and should — provide to enhance the customer experience and improve your bottom line.

Why Our Audit

We’ve done more than 200 heuristic evaluations on websites, mobile apps, kiosks, IVR systems, email, and physical mail — we know what makes and breaks digital experiences.

Don’t just take our word for it: we were principal contributors tapped to overhaul Forrester Research’s review methodologies for personas, unified experiences, websites, and kiosks. We bring that deep knowledge and rigor to all of our audits.

If your industry is rated by J.D. Power, we’ll leverage our association with them to focus on features and functionality that have the biggest potential to increase your score.

Assess Your Channels

We first evaluate your experience touchpoints against a set of heuristics to determine how easy — or difficult — it is for customers to complete key tasks.

Compare Against Your Competitors

Next, we complete those same tasks with your competitors and industry leaders, looking for best practices that you can implement and improve upon.

Look for Outside Inspiration

Finally, we push your thinking with best-in-class examples of analogous content, functionality, and digital design from the world’s top customer-focused brands.

How It Works

Main Objectives

Best Practices Analysis

Collaborative Prioritization Workshop

Roadmap Development

Main Objectives

We work with you to ensure that:

  • Customers can perform key tasks whenever and wherever they want.
  • The appearance of your touchpoints supports your brand positioning.
  • Communications and content are easy to understand — and support your brand.
  • The design of your touchpoints is in line with the latest experience design trends.
Best Practices Analysis
  • We jointly determine the key features and functionality that are most important to your customers, your business, and (if applicable) your J.D. Power score.
  • We perform an audit of your touchpoints and conduct a best practices analysis of brands both within and outside your industry.
Collaborative Prioritization Workshop
  • We first review the output of our audit and best practices analysis with your core team and key stakeholders from across your organization.
  • Then we work with you and your team to collaboratively prioritize the features and functionality that are most important to improve.
Roadmap Development
  • We work with you to align the prioritized features and functionality with your existing development roadmap, staffing, and resources.
  • Our final delivery will help your executives understand where they need to devote additional investments — and why.
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What You’ll Get

In addition to a lively and collaborative workshop, we’ll provide you with a set of takeaways that will help you sell the need for change — and put those changes into motion.

Comprehensive Report
We document our in-depth analysis of your current touchpoints and how effectively they enable customers to complete their current goals, a comparison against your top competitors, as well as inspiration and ideas from experience leaders outside of your industry.
Experience Roadmap
Based on our findings and the collaborative discussions during our workshop, we draft a 9-month roadmap that prioritizes key initiatives and helps you understand what issues to tackle, when to address them, and why they’re so important.
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