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Become a Mapping Master

Bodine & Co.’s Journey Mapping Master Toolkit is the industry’s only solution to combine the expert instruction and ready-to-use tools you need to create effective journey maps.

We’ve poured more than a decade of research and hands-on experience into this best-in-class platform of knowledge, guidance, tools, and templates — so you and your team can become journey mapping masters in no time.

Over 4 hours of content
We’ve documented everything we know about how to run successful journey mapping projects. It’s like having Kerry Bodine in the same room as you!
Practical guidance to walk you through every step of the journey mapping process — from your project kickoff to the development of your maps.
28 planning & facilitation tools
Ready-to-use spreadsheets, planning docs, guides, and slide decks so you can sidestep process inefficiencies and reduce your mapping time and costs.
Best-in-class templates
Professional persona and journey map templates to help you capture and communicate your business-critical insights.
A robust, secure, and easy to use online portal that you can access anytime, anywhere. Working from home? We got you covered.
All updates and additions
Access to all new and updated content, tools, and templates released during your one-year subscription period.

What’s in the Toolkit?








You’ll start by deciding which journey(s) your initiative will focus on. In order to gain buy-in and confirm that focus, you’ll get input from key stakeholders and create a project plan that outlines key tasks, dates, and deliverables.

FOCUS tools & templates include 2 Word docs and 1 Excel spreadsheet.


Soon after, you’ll conduct an internal hypothesis mapping session with a group of cross-functional employees. The session will aggregate employees’ working knowledge and assumptions about the journey(s) you’ve selected and help you prioritize the questions about the experience that you want to explore with customers.

HYPOTHESIZE tools & templates include 5 Word docs and 2 PowerPoint presentations.


You’ll use the outputs from the hypothesis mapping session as the starting point for planning customer research, in which you’ll get the chance to validate (or rather, invalidate) those hypotheses. You’ll choose a research methodology that will effectively surface crucial customer insights, customize interview guides, decide which stakeholders from your organization to include, and manage research logistics.


Time to get customers on board! In this phase you’ll define a recruiting and compensation strategy, then screen potential attendees to ensure your research is filled with collaborative, conversational customers.


Your planning and preparation will culminate in the opportunity to test your hypotheses, uncover deep insights about customers’ needs and expectations, and co-create ideas for improvement with your customers.


After your customer research, you’ll analyze the artifacts and notes, then craft actionable journey maps that you can share throughout your organization.

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Your Return On Investment

Leapfrog Over
The tools, templates, and processes included in the Toolkit are the same ones we’ve been using for years on our own successful client engagements. That means you don’t have to reinvent the wheel or second guess your steps. Instead, you’ll move quickly and confidently using resources that have been developed and tested by the experts at Bodine & Co.
A single journey mapping project with an outside consultant can easily run north of six figures. At a fraction of that price, our Toolkit delivers a ready-to-use and repeatable system to launch or expand your journey mapping efforts — and an entire year to create unlimited maps for your organization.
Scale Up
Journey mapping is a team sport. The more people you have with the skills to do it effectively, the bigger the impact journey mapping will have on your experiences, operations, and business outcomes. The Journey Mapping Master Toolkit offers a path to effectively equip many members of your team, wherever they’re located.
“The Journey Mapping Master Toolkit took hours and hours of prep work off of our plates. It enables us to spend our time where we really need to: listening to and learning from our customers.”

Lauren McAteer

Siemens Healthineers

How Many Licenses
Do I Need?

CX Pro Edition

Each subscription provides one person with access to the Journey Mapping Master Toolkit platform and a license to use all Toolkit content, tools, and templates to create unlimited maps for your organization throughout the licensing year.

To equip multiple members of your team, you will need to purchase a separate subscription for each person who will be accessing and using the Toolkit. Subscription renewals are automatically processed annually on the anniversary of your original purchase. The license renewal will continue and remain valid for each one-year period unless the subscription is cancelled prior to the renewal date. Subscriptions are non-transferrable.

And yes — we offer alternative payment methods and discounts and for large teams. Just ask!

Vendor Edition

We offer select vendors and agencies the ability to license our Master Toolkit on their own client projects. Contact us to inquire about licensing arrangements.

Journey Mapping Master Toolkit
CX Pro Subscription

Please contact us for enterprise pricing or alternate payment methods.

“Kerry Bodine is the LeBron James of journey mapping”
John Dumo
Director of Customer Experience
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