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Why Map With Us

We’re masters of the customer journey. Through our journey mapping development programs, we bring that expertise into your organization to help you diagnose, analyze, and rethink your customer experience.

We’ll guide you through a well-honed process that gets you deep insights fast and cost effectively, all while teaching you the skills to develop a journey-centered practice within your organization.

Change Your Organization

Right away, journey mapping cuts across silos to help you understand the real issues driving customer pain points and identify areas of opportunity for innovation and growth. Over time, it provides a new framework for departments and colleagues to evaluate, plan, and collaborate on customer experience initiatives.

Adopt a New Mindset

Mapping is more than just creating maps. It’s about interacting with your colleagues and understanding your customers in new, productive ways. We’ll help you understand how journey mapping is central to customer experience design and management.

Challenge Your Beliefs

Moments of truth will come when you realize what it’s really like for customers to do business with you. Insights like these come quickly when we invite customers to share their experiences with you in a structured setting.

How We Work With You







Journey mapping starts when you and members of your organization try to imagine — in specific, sequential steps — what the customer journey is like. You’ll leverage what you know and what you assume to build out a hypothetical journey of what your customers do, what they receive from your organization, and who they interact with to complete a specific task or goal.


We validate — or, as we often find, invalidate — your assumptions about the customer experience in several ways.

  1. We conduct remote research — like diary studies and phone interviews — to pull in rich perspectives from a broad group of your customers.
  2. We invite your customers to join your employees in a workshop setting to map their journeys — capturing steps you didn’t know existed, identifying needs you didn’t know they had, and documenting how the whole experience makes them feel. Not only will your employees have the chance to hear first-hand experiences, but you’ll get actionable insights on the spot.
  3. Through our association with J.D. Power, we field surveys and examine your existing quantitative data to ensure that our qualitative research findings represent your larger customer base. This allows us to prioritize the issues that require immediate intervention.

We’ll synthesize all of the collected data to create visually compelling maps that tell your customers’ stories. 

Or, if you’re looking to develop this skill within your organization, we’re happy to provide you with a solid starting point and then coach you through the journey map creation process.

In either case, you’ll have a complete set of maps to share with your organization. But remember, your work doesn’t end with the maps…


Once you have validated journey maps, you’ll be able to identify experience improvements that you can tackle straight away.

But not every customer issue has an easy fix. That’s why we work with you to identify all of the behind-the-scenes people, processes, and systems that support (or thwart) today’s experience. We call this the experience ecosystem.

This collaborative exercise will help you identify the root causes of your customer pain points — so that you can define systemic solutions that prevent future customer issues.


The future awaits. Journey mapping is not only used to look back and to diagnose, but as a method to identify future possibilities.

We’ll guide you and your colleagues in creating a vision for the future state of your customer journeys. What should those journeys look like? And how will they impact your business?

We’ll also work with you to define the experience ecosystem that will be required to support those re-envisioned journeys and drive value long into the future.

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What You’ll Get

You’ll learn a lot during our journey mapping engagement: foundational concepts, new mindsets and methods, and facilitation skills to collaborate with colleagues and customers alike. But you’ll also get tangible deliverables that will add real value to strategic and operational planning — and build organizational support for a focus on customer experience.

Validated Journey Maps
You’ll receive a complete set of journey maps that have been validated by extensive customer research. These detailed visual representations of specific customer experiences show how your customers feel and highlight the touchpoints or interactions that are hurting your business. We'll create your maps in a tool that works for your business needs.
Customer Insights
The customer voice is a powerful advocate when selling journey mapping insights and outcomes internally. We’ll provide you with a complete package of photos, notes and other research artifacts that capture the details of our customer research and the resulting insights.
Research Materials
To help you build a foundation for future customer research, we’ll provide all of our customer recruiting and interview guides, slides and workbooks from our workshops, diary study planning documents, and survey instruments.
Report of Findings
Our engagements reveal a slew of insights, opportunities, and ideas — so many, in fact, that they won’t all fit on your journey maps. We consolidate these findings into a single report that can be easily referenced by your team and shared across your organization.
“Kerry Bodine is the LeBron James of journey mapping.”

John Dumo

Director, Customer Experience


“Just with the improvements to one single journey, we’re targeting a 0.05% margin lift on our performance products — which translates to about $2 million.”

B2B Client

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