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Instructor-Led Training

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Train With The Experience Experts

Our in-person and virtual training programs deliver hard-hitting, practical primers on critical customer experience topics.

Level Up

Our training has been compared to an “MBA on steroids.” We combine rigorous content with practical exercises — and leave plenty of room for questions and personalized discussions that ensure you and your team achieve your learning objectives.

New Skills

We create an inviting, collaborative environment that will challenge you to put your knowledge and skills to work on challenges that will benefit your customers, your employees, and your organization.

Make The
Business Case

We give you the insights and tools to demonstrate how effective customer experiences — and the specific skills you’re learning — lead to positive business outcomes.

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Training Topics

Bringing Your North Star To Life

For your customer experience strategy to stick, it needs to be embraced by every single employee. Our north star training helps everyone in your organization — from frontline employees to those who work far behind the scenes — understand what they can personally do to propel your organization towards its customer experience vision.

Journey Mapping

Establish a strong foundation in the concepts and methods of journey mapping — and how to use your maps to drive action within your organization. Our signature journey mapping bootcamp is the perfect starting point for those just getting their feet wet, or for those looking for a methodology refresh.

Content Marketing

Organizations that take a journey-focused approach to content marketing more successfully address their customers’ questions and drive intended customer actions. They’re also able to streamline their content development efforts by focusing on the content that matters most. Learn how to map the customer journey and apply this framework to your content marketing strategies.


Whether you call it design thinking, human-centered design, or service design, a human-centered problem-solving process is key to creating innovative solutions for both your customers and your employees. Learn and practice the key steps in this process — from developing empathy to prototyping & testing — all within the context of a real-world project that creates value for your organization.

Host Your Own

Create a private in-person or virtual bootcamp tailored to address your organization’s top challenges.

We offer one- and two-day private bootcamps that are perfect for training teams of 15 to 30. To introduce ideas to a broader audience, our three-hour mini-workshops accommodate hundreds of employees.

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