Online Training:
Customer-Powered Profits

Learn To Create Customer Experiences That Deliver Business Value

With Kerry Bodine

CEO & Founder, Bodine & Co.

Co-Author of Outside In: The Power of Putting
Customers at the Center of Your Business

Founding Member, Customer Experience
Professionals Association (CXPA)

  • 3+ Hours of Video Instruction
  • A Year of Access
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Real-World CX Projects
  • Actionable Exercises
  • Practical Tools & Templates
  • Knowledge Assessments
  • Discussion Guides
  • Group Coaching Offering

The only online CX training program that guides you through a customer experience improvement project of your choosing.

We’ve designed our flagship online training program to advance your skills in defining customer experience improvements that will benefit your customers AND deliver real business value.

This course will answer the following questions — while guiding you through a customer experience improvement project that will benefit your business.

  • – How does CX drive business value and profitability?
  • – What are the key qualities of successful customer experiences?
  • – How can employees respond productively & effectively to unhappy customers?
  • – What’s the most effective way for anyone (irrespective of role) to elicit customers’ needs and expectations?
  • – How can teams use journey mapping and root cause analysis to diagnose the right problems to solve?
  • – How can teams prioritize solutions with the greatest potential to create positive business outcomes?
  • – Why is it beneficial to consistently deliver an experience that’s aligned with your brand?

PART I: Building An Essential CX Foundation

This intro to essential customer experience concepts introduces the framework for value-oriented customer experience initiatives.

Module 1 // Intro to Customer Experience: The Link From Experience To Business Success

  • What is customer experience — and what is it not?
  • How does customer experience drive valuable business outcomes?

Module 2 // Hands, Head, & Heart: The Elements of Good Experiences

  • What are the elements of good customer experiences?
  • Who’s responsible for fixing bad customer experiences?
  • How can you respond, productively & effectively, to unhappy customers?
PART II: Identifying the most important problems to solve

What’s it really like to be your customer? Understand the (sometimes unintentional) experiences your organization delivers.

Module 3 // Understanding Your Customers: Talk Less, Listen More!

  • My customers are just like me, right?
  • How are customers’ wish lists different from their needs & expectations?
  • How can you develop a deep understanding of what customers really want?

Module 4 // The Customer Journey: What It’s Really Like To Be Your Customer

  • Why are customer journeys important?
  • What are the elements of effective journey maps?
  • How can you create a journey map?

Module 5 // The Experience Ecosystem: Behind The Scenes Of Your Customer Experience

  • What is the experience ecosystem?
  • How do behind-the-scenes employees influence the customer experience?
  • How can you start to understand all of the connections within your ecosystem?

Module 6 // Root Cause Analysis: A Simple Question Yields Valuable Insights

  • What are the potential dangers in making changes to the experience ecosystem?
  • How can you understand the fundamental sources of your customers’ pain points?
  • How do the customer journey, the experience ecosystem, and root cause analysis all fit together?
PART III: Defining Your Most Effective And Profitable Solutions

What practical, actionable solutions will best balance the future objectives of your customers, your business, and your brand?

Module 7 // Experience Design Part 1: The Intersection of Customer Needs & Business Objectives

  • What is experience design?
  • What’s the most effective way to brainstorm solutions to customers’ pain points?
  • How can you identify the solutions with the greatest potential to create a positive impact?

Module 8 // Experience Design Part 2: Fine Tuning The Experience

  • How can you ensure that your solutions have the right features and attributes?
  • What potential roadblocks to the design process might you encounter?
  • How can you overcome those roadblocks?

Module 9 // Experience Standards: Delivering An Experience With Personality

  • Is there a universal “good” experience that every organization should strive to deliver?
  • How can you translate brand attributes into tangible experiences?
  • How can you ensure your organization delivers a consistent experience across channels and customer journeys?

Module 10 // A Team Sport: Working Together On Customer Experience

  • What’s the impact of the promises you make to customers?
  • How can you get executive support for your larger experience improvement initiatives?

Topics We’ll Cover

  • Customer success
  • Customer support
  • Customer Research
  • Journey Mapping
  • Moments of Truth
  • Service Blueprinting
  • Experience Ecosystems
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Experience Design
  • Solution Ideation
  • Solution Prioritization
  • Prototyping & Testing
  • Brand Experience
  • The CX Sweet Spot
  • Business Case Development
  • Return on Investment
  • Silo Busting
  • And more!

“SPOT ON! I love how Kerry brings these big messages into understandable, bite-sized chunks for anyone who may be new to the CX world — or for teams who need a refresher.”

Marlin Webster, SGI

Everything You Need to Succeed

  • 3+ Hours of Video Instruction

    Kerry Bodine guides you through essential customer experience concepts and their practical applications in her trademark relatable and engaging style. With a full year of access, you can set your own pace and re-watch as often as you like.


  • Your Own Real-World CX Project

    This course guides you through the completion of a customer experience improvement project that tackles your specific business challenges. Each module’s exercises build on one another, empowering you to complete a real-world customer experience project and apply your learnings to your day-to-day activities.


  • Actionable Tools

    We’ve provided all the tools you’ll need to complete your CX improvement project — including practical frameworks, guides, and worksheets. These tools will help you understand how to most effectively deliver value for both internal and external customers.​ And they’re yours to keep after you’ve completed the course. 


  • Knowledge Assessments

    Our open-ended quizzes will help you assess your learning by challenging you to articulate key concepts in your own words. These assessments empower you with key messages to champion the business value of customer experience across your organization.


  • Discussion Guides

    Our discussion guides help you introduce key topics from each of the 10 course modules to the rest of your organization — and lead conversations that will ignite a broader CX transformation.


  • Group Coaching Sessions

    Get the most of your training investment. Add on group coaching sessions to get personalized support and drive greater business value for your customer experience improvement projects. Get feedback and advice from Kerry Bodine, learn from your peers, and share your own progress and best practices.


Customer Experience Training For Everyone

World-class customer experience is a team sport — and every single person in an organization plays a role in delivering it. That’s why this course is designed for anyone and everyone, whether your customers are external to your organization or internal employees.

For Individuals

If you’re seeking to better understand how you can support your customers’ needs and expectations AND make your organization more successful in the process, this course is for you. Our course participants include those who:

  • – Have just joined a customer experience team and want to build a strong foundation in CX
  • – Are transitioning to customer experience from a customer-focused discipline, like customer success, customer support, or user experience
  • – Work in another customer-facing discipline, like marketing or sales, and want to align their day-to-day activities with their customers’ needs and expectations 
  • – Work in a cross-functional support role, like IT or HR, and want to better serve their internal colleagues.

For Teams

Are you growing your customer experience group? Or setting up a tiger team to solve a specific business challenge in a customer-centric way? This course will ensure you’re aligned in your approach and have the knowledge and tools to be successful. Inquire about private coaching sessions to support your initiative.

For Organizations

We want everyone in your organization to know what it takes to deliver an effective and profitable customer experience. Our enterprise pricing ensures that you’ll get a high-impact and cost-effective training solution that scales for large groups. Inquire about pricing for your business unit or cross-functional organization.

    For those serving
    external customers

  • Customer Experience
  • User Experience
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Customer Support
  • Product Development

    For those serving
    internal customers

  • Information Technology
  • Human Resources
  • Operations
  • Process improvement
  • Finance
  • Legal


Is this course for me?

We designed this customer experience training program for anyone looking to build a foundation of customer experience design skills — and deepen the value that CX improvements can deliver to their organization.

How long will it take for me to complete the course?

You can choose a timeline that best matches your training goals and business needs. Most clients target course completion in six months, though many accelerate to a 12-week schedule. No matter your timeline, you’ll have one year of access to all course content — and lifetime access to the templates and tools.

I’d like my entire organization to take this training. Is there a discount?

Yes, we’ve worked with groups ranging from small CX teams up to business units as large as 600 people. Please contact us to discuss enterprise pricing.

Who is Kerry Bodine?

Kerry Bodine is a globally celebrated expert in the field of customer experience. She’s the Founder and CEO of Bodine & Co. and co-author of the seminal customer experience book, Outside In: The Power of Putting Customers at the Center of Your Business. Steve Forbes hailed this book as an “eye-opener [that] gives you a comprehensive, need-to-know look at how smart companies achieve sustainable success in dealing with customers.”

Kerry is also a former VP and Principal Analyst from Forrester Research’s customer experience practice, founding member of the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA), and regular keynote speaker for organizations and events around the world.

Why is this better than other customer experience training courses?

1) “Customer-Powered Profits” helps you turn your learning into action. Kerry Bodine helps you select a focus area with the potential to move the needle for your customers and create business value — then guides you though a multi-week or multi-month customer experience improvement project. This focus on real-world outcomes ensures you get the most out of your training investment.

2) You’ll be learning directly from one of the industry’s leading experts on customer experience. Kerry Bodine has synthesized decades of strategy and execution, thought leadership, and quantified best practices — all of which some the world’s largest and most successful companies have relied on for CX guidance.

3) While the 10 training course modules are conveniently self-guided, we also offer group coaching sessions with Kerry Bodine to provide an additional layer of customized support. Have strategic questions about how CX can support your business — or tactical questions about how to execute your initiatives? You’ll have the chance to ask Kerry yourself.

4) Nearly all customer experience training programs focus on understanding what delights customers. Our program furthers that, uniquely positioning you and your team to measure and monetize that happiness, delivering financial value for your organization.

For more, see 10 Benefits Of Choosing “Customer-Powered Profits”.

How will I access the training course?

Once you purchase the training course, you’ll receive an email granting you a license to access Bodine & Co.’s online training hub. There, you’ll find all the course content and resources.

When purchasing for multiple team members, you’ll be prompted to provide their email addresses for license activation.

How long will I have to access the training program?

Each subscription provides one year of access to all course content, templates, and tools.

Still have questions?

Send us a message.

We look forward to helping you build a solid customer experience foundation — and maximize the financial value of your CX initiatives.

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