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Unlock Your Potential

Whether you’re an enterprise seeking to create a customer-centric culture or an individual looking to develop skills to further your CX career, this online course introduces the core concepts and practical skills you need to become more customer focused — across every discipline and department. 

With Customer-Powered Profits: 10 Lessons To Unlock The Potential of Customer Experience, everyone in your organization — from customer experience professionals leading CX improvement initiatives to frontline staff and behind-the-scenes employees — will discover the critical role they play in delivering a world-class and profitable experience. Yes, this program is for everyone!

Course Structure

1: Introduction
What is CX?
And why should you care about it?
The first two modules of Customer-Powered Profits introduce the elements of great customer experiences — and explore the link between experience investments and strong business performance. We’ll talk about what customer experience is, what it’s not, and how everyone in an organization is responsible for continually improving the customer experience.
2: Defining the problem
What experience are you currently delivering — and why?
Modules 3–6 help you understand what it’s really like to be your customers today. We’ll explore how customers’ wish lists are different from their needs & expectations — and discuss tools to help you understand the sources of their pain points. We’ll dive deep into the organizational factors that are supporting (or thwarting) your customers’ experiences.
3: Creating Solutions
What experience should you deliver in the future?
Modules 7–10 help define your future customer experience — one that successfully supports your customers’ needs, your business objectives, and your brand. To do that, you’ll need to know how to identify and develop solutions with the greatest potential to create a positive impact — and ensure that they’ll be effective. Of course, we’ll cover all the tools to do this, as well.

What You’ll Get

12 Months of Video Access

Virtual Huddles With Kerry Bodine

Practical Exercises

Knowledge Assessments

Discussion Guides

Ready-To-Use Tools

12 Months of Video Access

With access to all 10 training modules for an entire year, you have flexibility and control over when and where to watch. Pace the course to align with your schedule and ongoing responsibilities — and allow time for absorption and discussion of important concepts.

Virtual Huddles With Kerry Bodine

Join our regularly scheduled virtual huddles with Kerry and fellow course participants. These valuable live sessions enable you to share your progress and best practices, get feedback and advice, and learn from your peers at other organizations.

Practical Exercises

Each module contains a post-video exercise so you can apply what you’ve learned. By the end of the full course, these cumulative exercises empower you to complete a real-world customer experience project and apply learnings to your day-to-day activities.

Knowledge Assessments

Ensure that you and your colleagues are making progress and staying on track with our open-ended assessments. This isn’t about getting a perfect score. It’s about empowering you with key messages to champion the business value of customer experience across your organization.

Discussion Guides

The learning shouldn’t stop with you or the course. That’s why we’re equipping you and your management team with the tools necessary to have productive discussions about the topics from each module within your department — and across all the functions in your organization.

Ready-To-Use Tools

You’ll get access to frameworks, guides, tools, and worksheets that you can leverage to improve your organization’s customer experience long after the course is over.

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Course Value

You can’t outsource a great customer experience. You have to create it from within by ensuring that every single employee thinks and works in ways that put customers at the center of your business. This course is specifically designed to shift your organizational mindset.
Convenience & Efficiency
Sustainable organizational change requires ongoing effort to educate and empower staff. Our online course streamlines this critical support by providing access across teams and departments in efficient, convenient formats and at whatever scale you need.
Our training program builds on core customer experience concepts, prompting employees to apply customer-centric mindsets and skills in their daily roles. This ensures that taking our course isn’t an academic exercise, but one that’s valuable by being immediately actionable.
“Our decision to work with Bodine & Co. was the right one. The combination of expert-led training for all of our employees and the Journey Mapping Master Toolkit was excellent.”

Wouter Conings

Siemens Healthineers

CX Training for All

Purchase early access now and get access for all enrollees through June 30, 2021!

For Individuals

Working from home? Business travel cancelled? Perfect! Whether you’re a customer experience professional — or just need to get a grip on how your customers’ needs and expectations have changed over the past few months — this course is for you.

For Organizations

We want everyone in your organization to know what it takes to put the customer at the center of your business. Our enterprise pricing ensures that we’re delivering a high-impact and cost-effective training solution that scales for large groups. Inquire about pricing for your team or cross-functional organization today.

Online Training: Customer-Powered Profits

Please contact us for enterprise pricing or alternate payment methods.

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