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Why Work With Us

Whether you call it experience designservice design, or design thinking, the practices and principles of human-centered design can be quite a paradigm shift for organizations.

Our design coaching offers you support as you build and refine a design practice that works for your organization.


Measuring and broadcasting the value of your design initiatives is one of the most effective ways to convince executives and colleagues that this new way of thinking and working pays off. We help you identify the best way to introduce design within your organization and win over execs.

Troubleshoot Complexity

Where do you focus your efforts? What are the best ways to bring design thinking into everyday practice? Practical, challenging questions arise as you develop a design capability. We help you answer them and plan appropriate responses.

Plan To

Successful design efforts will gain the attention of other departments, leading you to expand your practice. We help you to navigate your growth plan and ensure readiness to scale.

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What You’ll Get

Continue to grow your design thinking skills at your own pace.


Are you looking for advice on a roadblock related to your design initiative? Want to get feedback on a design project or problem? Sign up for a one-hour call (or a series of calls), and we’ll tackle your questions.

Advisory Days

Have more experience design questions than a phone call will allow? A full-day onsite meeting will give us time to dig deep into your most pressing issues and strategize with you about your path forward.


Looking for a trusted sounding board for some of the design challenges you face on a day-to-day basis? Sign up for a bank of hours to get ongoing guidance, support, and targeted advice for your design initiatives.

“Having Kerry at your side is like having a CX sparring partner. She’ll meet you at your level (wherever that is!), go back and forth with you, and help you hone your ideas from theories into workable solutions.”

Carol Pudnos


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