Understand Your Customer Journey

What’s it like to be your customer today?

Journey maps are one of the most effective tools for understanding your customer’s experience, from her perspective. These maps offer a powerful view into the actions, thoughts, and feelings of people or groups over time — but all too often, we’ve seen organizations create journey maps and then struggle to put them into actions.

Our journey mapping training, development, and coaching services aren’t just about creating pretty deliverables. We help you uncover and prioritize customer pain points, discover new opportunities to turn customers into advocates, and ultimately spark organizational change.

Our Journey Mapping Services


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Our Customer Journey Mapping Workshops give you the language and tools to jumpstart customer journey mapping within your organization. We host 1- and 2-day Open Enrollment Workshops in cities across the US, or work with you to create a tailored workshop for your company.


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Despite intentions to be "customer centric," most companies don't know what the end-to-end journey is really like. Our Journey Mapping Development Programs combine upfront planning, workshops, and mapping to foster an outside-in perspective that uncovers the real issues facing your customers and your business today.


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For those times you want outside perspectives, expert facilitators, or just more brains to generate ideas, we offer a range of ongoing coaching for those who have worked with us before or are undertaking journey mapping in their organizations now.


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