Strategy for Cultural Change

We invite decision-makers and employees to co-create the vision and tactics to move their organizations forward in a more innovative and customer-centric way.

Our Approach


Yes, it really comes down to that one word.

An innovative, customer-centric culture comes to life through every executive, manager, and employee. And for cultural change to stick, you need to empower people at every level of the organization to define and make the changes that will be meaningful for them.

We designed our three-part workshop series to tap into the collective knowledge of your team and inspire them to light the path towards your organization’s future.

How does it work?

Each workshop session focuses on a specific dimension of your team’s work: the what, the how, and the skills. We’ll lead your team to explore issues critical to their success in building the best products, services, experiences, and communications possible.

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Workshop 1:
Create A Shared Vision

It all starts with the work. But you can’t dictate what your team’s outputs should be. Instead, engage with your employees to create a shared vision for your best possible work by answering these questions together: What does innovative work in our field look like today—across our industry and in others? What are the defining characteristics of that work? What should we aim to create for our customers tomorrow?

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Workshop 2:
Define New Ways of Working

Once your employees have defined the type of work they want to create, empower them to define how they want to work together to create it. Explore with your team: How are your current processes and culture keeping you from innovating? How can you establish an environment in which customer-centricity will flourish? How do you need to work differently to achieve your shared vision?

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Workshop 3:
Get Ready for What’s Next

Too often, organizations take on a bold new direction and assume employees will just come along for the ride. But even employees who have every intention of adapting aren’t always equipped for new roles, expectations, and demands. As a team, discuss: What skills does your organization need in order to support your vision? Where are each individual’s strengths and skill gaps? What new skills does each team member need to develop?

Who Benefits
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Customer Experience

Grow loyalty by building the experiences your customers expect today—and will want tomorrow.

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Create breakthrough communications that cut through a complex and crowded media landscape.

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Product + Service

Futureproof your offerings to stay ahead of your customers’ ever-changing needs.

Create A Culture of Innovation

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