Sticky Notes Make Us Happy

Kerry Bodine & Co. is a customer experience consultancy with a passion for human-centered design. Founded in 2014 by author and thought leader Kerry Bodine, we inspire business leaders and drive customer-centric business improvements.

What Makes Us Us


Our never-ending questions lead us to people, places, and ideas that inspire innovative customer experiences.


We dream big—and we act to make those dreams a reality. We seek out opportunities to overcome our fears.


We encourage playfulness as a part of day-to-day business. We celebrate our successes together.

No Bull

We're approachable and down-to-earth. We're not satisfied with anything but substantive and excellent work.

A Team Dedicated To Happy

Kerry Bodine

Founder And CEO

The 15 minutes spent haggling over a product return. The 45 minutes spent arguing about your wireless bill. The hours spent deciphering your medical coverage. These are the symptoms of today’s unhealthy business environment. And they can be cured. I work to bring tiny moments of joy into people’s lives.

I work with executives at some of the world’s largest companies, inspiring them to create more customer-centric organizations and igniting projects that will fundamentally change the way they do business.

I work to remove the stress, uncertainty, and frustration in your business interactions—so that your customers have more time back in their lives for the things that matter most.

Amelia Sizemore

Customer Experience Consultant

I strive to close the gaps between customers and the companies that serve them. And I love to facilitate those “aha!” moments that happen when executives, employees, and partners talk face-to-face with their customers—often, for the very first time. It’s incredible to see how these interactions spark new ways of thinking.

But it’s not enough to simply ask customers what they want. The real magic happens when you give customers the opportunity to show you what they need, how they go about their tasks, and what it takes to make them happy. That’s why I work to connect companies with customers who are willing to roll up their sleeves and co-create amazing experiences.

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