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Why Our Training

Customer experiences are becoming more complex, even as customers’ expectations for simple, seamless service are increasing. But delivering a truly exceptional customer experience requires cooperation across many functions of your organization.

Our signature online course, Customer-Powered Profits: 10 Lessons to Unlock the Power of Customer Experience, will give your employees easy access to the core CX concepts and practical skills they need to become more customer focused — no matter what their job function is.

Deep, Ongoing Learning
This isn’t a quick-hit workshop — and it’s not meant to be. This course is paced to give managers and their teams the time, space, and practice they need to absorb new concepts and discover how to act on them in their individual roles.
Efficient & Convenient
Real organizational change requires considerable effort to educate and empower staff to think and work in new ways. Our online course streamlines this initiative by providing access to a large number of team members in a way that’s efficient and convenient for them.
Our training builds on core concepts, prompting employees to apply customer-centric mindsets and skills within their daily roles. This ensures that this is not an academic exercise, but one that is practical and immediately actionable.

How it works


For Executives

For Managers

For Employees


Our 10-module online course will advance your organization’s focus on customer experience and bring a more customer-centric approach to both customer-facing and behind-the-scenes work.

Each training module will span a month-long period to provide sufficient time for participants to absorb the ideas, engage in internal discussions about the importance and applicability of the concepts, and incorporate new ways of thinking and working into their daily activities. Each module combines video training, assessments, practical homework assignments, and designated support from the Bodine & Co. team.

For Executives

To kick off the program, Kerry will meet with your executive team to lead a constructive and inspirational session that presents customer experience best practices and connects them to key business metrics. This conversation paves the way for a successful engagement by ensuring that your executive team is aligned with the rationale and value of the initiative and ready to support your employees during this process.

For Managers

Once a month, managers have the opportunity to attend a live call with our team to discuss the training content and prepare them to engage with employees on the key concepts.

They will also receive:

  • Conversation starters for individual and group discussions with employees.
For Employees

Each month, both customer-facing and back-office employees enrolled in the course will receive one video, that introduces key concepts and explains how they can be applied in their day-to-day work.

Afterward, they’ll receive:

  • An assessment to ensure absorption and understanding of key concepts.
  • Simple homework assignments to help them apply the course concepts. We’ve designed these assignments to fold seamlessly into employees’ daily activities, rather than adding tasks to their regular job responsibilities.
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