Add Value. Win Customers.

Customer experience is not only a lens for companies to understand what their customers go through; it’s a strategic framework for companies to determine what services — and service providers — will help them to deliver on their promises and engage with their customers. Kerry’s webinars provide prospects with this framework to identify where your products or services could fit, creating a pipeline of white-hot leads.

Why Kerry

Kerry co-authored the book on customer experience. Her engaging style of real world stories and bleeding-edge insights will inspire your webinar attendees and offer them a framework to rethink how they approach their own customers.

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Actionable Insights

Kerry moves beyond the topical, sharing cases and mindsets that help organizations realize how the theories of great CX can be transformed into practice.


Tailored to Your Message

Kerry curates her library of customer experience data and success stories to match the key messages relevant to your platform and customers


Huge Audiences

Kerry gives prospects what they want most; valuable insight. Her webinars draw record-breaking crowds, create deep engagement, and max out your ROI.

Our most recent webinar with Kerry Bodine on the topic of Customer journey mapping and self-service smashed registration records—almost a 1000 people signed up! The content Kerry shared was first rate.

Mahesh Ram,

CEO of Solvvy

What You'll Get

Before your webinar

Kerry will:

  • Get a briefing from your team to ensure that she understands your product positioning inside and out.
  • Use her blog and social network to promote your webinar to her followers.
During your webinar

Kerry will:

  • Wow your audience with her powerful content and bright delivery style.
  • Create a dynamic conversation with your company’s presenters.
After your webinar

Kerry will:

  • Write a blog post answering questions from attendees for you to include in follow-up communications.
  • Respond to your team’s social media posts to promote additional post-event registration.