Inspire Your Audience. Ignite Change.

For inspiration to strike, there has to first be a spark. Kerry will ignite the conversation around the power of customer experiences and why they’ll revolutionize how you think and work. She’ll introduce vanguard ideas and back them up with real-world examples that make them believable and actionable. Your audience will not only leave with an elevated mindset, but with a plan to move forward.

Why Kerry

Author, consultant, and thought leader, Kerry’s engaging style of real world stories and bleeding-edge insights inspires and offers a framework to rethink how to approach customer relationships.

Kerry is available for all manner of engagements, from keynote addresses to global audiences and industry leaders to more intimate conversations within organizations.


Tailored to Your Audience

Kerry tailors her talks to each audience and setting, creating events that are relevant and inspiring.


Globally Relevant

Kerry has given more than 100 talks in more than 20 countries, bringing a global dimension and understanding to how CX topics apply in the real world and across cultures.

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Actionable Insights

Kerry moves beyond the topical, sharing cases and mindsets that help organizations realize how the theories of great CX can be transformed into practice.

What You'll Get

Bringing together an organization is both an undertaking and incredible opportunity. Kerry's speaking engagements are crafted to provide a pitch-perfect talk that will connect with and inspire audiences, and give you the tools for a smooth planning process.
Before your event

Kerry will:

  • Get a briefing from your team to ensure that she understands your event inside out.
  • Collaborate with you to craft a presentation that will resonate with your key themes.
During your event

Kerry will:

  • Wow your audience with her powerful message and fun keynote delivery style.
  • Participate in a book signing, VIP lunch, or separate Q&A session.
After your event

Kerry will:

  • Write a blog post answering questions from attendees for you to include in follow-up communications.
  • Continue the conversation by engaging with event attendees on social media.
Business Value of CX

Why has customer experience become a top strategic imperative for today’s leading companies?

Brand Promises

How can you deliver on the explicit and implicit expectations set by your brand and marketing communications?

CX Design

What new ways of thinking and working will help you intentionally create great customer experiences?

Data-Driven Experiences

How can you combine the right types of data—at the right time—to deliver remarkable customer experiences?

Journey Mapping

How can you visualize your customers’ pain points—and create empathy to drive organizational alignment?

CX Trends

How will changes in technology and human behavior redefine your customers’ expectations for your brand?

I hired Kerry to present on the main stage and at smaller, private speaking events — each of which has resulted in great audience feedback and results.

Keith Pearce,