Journey Mapping Bootcamp – SF – Jan 2019

Journey Mapping Bootcamp

San Francisco
January 30-31, 2019
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Why This Bootcamp


Agenda: Day 1

Agenda: Day 2



In two days, we’ll change the way you think and work. This workshop delivers:

  • The big picture of journey mapping: What it is, how it helps you overcome organizational silos, and how an integrated view of your customer experience drives business performance.
  • Guidance on how and when to use journey mapping — and when not to.
  • Advice on how to apply essential practices like creating personas, choosing journeys to map, and engaging stakeholders.
  • Plenty of training exercises based on your business challenges, with group discussion and feedback throughout.
  • Networking opportunities with other attendees to share ideas and best practices.

Topics We’ll Cover: How to create effective journey maps, how to drive organizational change through your journey mapping initiatives, and how to identify the behind-the-scenes factors that make or break your customer experience

Skills You’ll Practice: Mapping current (as-is) & ideal (to-be) experiences, mapping “backstage” activities, root cause analysis, and solution brainstorming

Agenda: Day 1

Day 1 will help you build a solid understanding of the journey mapping methodology. We intersperse our presentations with facilitated discussions, ample time to ask questions, opportunities to swap insights with other attendees, and time to process what you’ve learned.


  • Introductions & overview
  • How customer journeys impact your business
  • The five steps of journey mapping
  • Mapping your own current & ideal experiences


  • Components & attributes of effective maps
  • How journey maps drive customer-centric decision-making 
  • Networking & happy hour
Agenda: Day 2

Day 2 will focus on driving change with your journey mapping initiatives — and will consist of more hands-on exercises to help you learn by doing. You’ll map out a key customer journey for your organization and explore the people, processes, and systems that support (or thwart) that journey.


  • Mapping your customers’ current experiences with your organization
  • How your organization’s promises impact customers’ perceptions
  • Behind-the-scenes factors that impact the journey


  • Root cause analysis of your customer pain points
  • Brainstorming solutions to your customer pain points
  • Reflections & next steps

Your Hypothesis Map. You’ll leave with a journey map that you create during the bootcamp based on your knowledge and assumptions of the customer journey.

Proposed Solutions to Your Customers’ Pain Points. Your fellow attendees will help you brainstorm solutions to the challenges across your customer journey — and throughout your organization’s “backstage” activities.

Ready-to-Use Skills. You’ll practice techniques that will help you create effective journey maps — and solve pressing issues impacting both your customers and your business.

Bootcamp Materials. You’ll receive digital copies of our slides, a printed workbook with journey map examples and exercises to take back to your team, a recommended list of further reading, and additional resources to help you plan and execute your own experience design initiatives.

Follow-Up Support. Attendance entitles you to a one-hour follow-up coaching call with Kerry Bodine & Co. to help you put insights from your bootcamp experience to work in your organization.

“Very eye-opening and inspiring. I left feeling more confident in the takeaways of journey mapping — and how to evangelize the value in a huge organization.”

Lindy Pryer


“The customer focus is extremely valuable! I recommend this workshop to anyone trying to improve processes with customer impact.”

Robert Quinn

American Water

“Kerry and Amelia are personable and great teachers. The workshop had enough hands-on time that I feel much better informed about what customer journey mapping is—and is not.”

Pam Kleese

Homesteaders Life Company

“This needs to be part of our marketing DNA.”

Yadi Schnyder


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Bootcamp Preview

“Journey mapping brings into relief customer pain points and moments of truth. Helps us put ourselves in customers’ shoes. Guides our investments towards the most impactful areas.”

Insight from a recent bootcamp attendee

“Journey maps provide a framework for testing our hypotheses—and for pulling together lots of other customer data. They’re not just another item on our list of deliverables.”

Insight from a recent bootcamp attendee

“When you’re deciding which customers to include in your research, do you choose customers who are happy and loyal—or bring in angry defectors?”

Question from a recent bootcamp attendee

(Yes, we answered it!)

Bootcamp Details


January 30, 2019
9am - 5pm & Happy Hour
January 31, 2019
9am - 4:30pm


495 Jefferson Street
San Francisco, CA 94109

Here’s a bit more from the folks at the Argonaut Hotel: “With a name like the Argonaut, it’s impossible not to speak of this hotel in grand, almost legendary terms. Located in Fisherman’s Wharf San Francisco and inspired by the Greek legend and Gold Rush-era adventurers, it’s one of those rare places in San Francisco that truly merits a term like iconic. Located in the historic Haslett Warehouse in Fisherman’s Wharf, the Argonaut hotel is a grand building built in 1907 of exposed brick, Douglas Fir beams and much seaside character; you feel as though you can almost reach out and touch the colorful Barbary Coast past here.”

Please note that attendees are responsible for booking all travel and transportation accommodations on their own. This description is of the event location only.

How Much

Bring a colleague and save $100 per attendee!

Early Bird Registration    $1799 (thru Friday, November 30, 2018)
Early Bird Group Rate     $1699 (thru Friday, November 30, 2018)

Regular Registration       $1899
Regular Group Rate        $1799

What It Includes:
  • 2 days of your immersive bootcamp.
  • Your printed workbook, full of journey map examples and bootcamp worksheets.
  • Digital copies of the slides from both days, a recommended list of further reading, and additional resources to help you plan your own journey mapping engagements.
  • Breakfast, lunch, and coffee breaks on both days.
  • Happy hour for networking and refreshment on Day 1.
  • A one-hour follow-up coaching call with Kerry Bodine & Co. to help you put your insights into action.
Cancellation Policy:

Should your plans change, please let us know.

We do not offer refunds. However, the cost of your bootcamp ticket(s), less a $150 processing fee, may be applied to a future workshop, speech, or consulting engagement with Kerry Bodine & Co.

You are also welcome to substitute another individual from your organization to attend in your stead.

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