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Smartwatch Apps That Work

July 2015

What’s the value of a smartwatch? What do consumers expect from these multitasking wearable devices? And how can brands take advantage of this tiny addition to the device ecosystem? To uncover the answers to these questions, we partnered with our friends at the user experience research and testing firm AnswerLab.

We’re thrilled to share the findings of our research in our free report: Smartwatch Apps That Work: 5 Value Drivers To Make Your App Indispensable.

During our comprehensive study, we spoke with both smartwatch owners and prospective buyers—and found they had sky-high expectations for smartwatches. Our participants described themselves as early adopters who wanted these gadgets to make their lives more productive and convenient.

Unfortunately, while owners and prospective buyers alike found today’s smartwatches to be both fun and flashy…they also consider them expendable.

The culprit? Disappointing smartwatch apps. Many users in our study opened their apps once, failed to find value in them, and then forgot about them altogether. And some of our participants didn’t even know that watch apps existed! In short, a dearth of killer smartwatch apps is lowering the value proposition of the smartwatch as a whole.

But there’s hope for brands ready to fill this void: we isolated five key components of smartwatch apps that will move them out of consumers’ periphery and make them truly indispensable.

Want to create a killer smartwatch app for your own brand? Download this report!

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