Journey Map Development

Uncover the real issues facing your customers and your business today.

Our Approach

We believe that remarkable customer experiences can’t be outsourced. They must be built from within. And that requires new ways of working and thinking.

Our journey mapping development engagements are  designed to supply you with the tools and deliverables that will fulfill your business objectives—while simultaneously building the skills for you to foster repeatable, customer-centric methodologies throughout your organization.


We’ll Work With You To
  • Choose key personas and their journeys
  • Aggregate existing knowledge into hypothesis journey maps
  • (In)validate your hypotheses with customers
  • Create maps that you can share throughout your organization


You’ve Got Many Journeys to Map

Customers aren’t the only people who deserve to be happy. Your employees and partners will also benefit when when you take a journey-focused approach to improving their experiences.




Take away a polished journey map that’s digestible and actionable.


Our deep dive into journey mapping leads to tangible outcomes you can put to use right away.

Deep insights about customers’ current experiences, needs, and expectations.

High-fidelity journey maps created in either Illustrator or PowerPoint.

Tools and templates for planning and executing additional journey mapping initiatives.

What It’s Like to Work With Us

We’ve got a tried and tested blueprint for tackling customer journeys—and we also know that one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why we’ll tailor our engagement to meet your unique challenges and scale up or down to fit your needs. But no matter our approach, you’ll find that our methodologies and deliverables are:

  • Time effective
  • Cost effective
  • Actionable
Get Mapping
Who Benefits?


Get deep customer insights, a list of prioritized opportunities, and confidence to jumpstart more customer-centric decision making.

VoC Vendors

Build a journey-focused listening program by helping clients identify touchpoints that require additional or ongoing measurement.

Tech Vendors

Help your clients identify customer pain points that would benefit from implementing your technology or service.


Supplement your own research with our time and cost-efficient journey mapping workshops—or license our mapping methodology.

Working with Kerry Bodine & Co. transformed our product design approach to put the customer at the center of our decision-making process. It not only changed our products, it’s changed our business. Kerry’s smarts and coaching style empowered us to make meaningful change much more quickly than we could have without her.

Mike Dyer,

CEO — The Daily Beast

Kerry and Amelia are great communicators and had wonderful slides. (Seriously, it’s hard to get that part right, where you have enough info but not too much). Guidance through the mapping process was just enough, and they asked great questions to help us when we got stuck or off track.

Journey Mapping Attendee,